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About Us:
Acool Net was founded in 1998.  Every since then we have strived to provide the most reliable Hosting  in the industry.  Acool Net provides state of the art hosting from  Dedicated  co-location services to VPS (virtual private servers) hosting.

If your company is looking for a stable, fast and reliable hosting with 99% uptime, then you have come to the right place.  Let us take the worries of  hosting off your mind so that you can worry about your business.

Many companies today use Acool Net to host there sites in our DataCenter for them so that there bandwidth is freed up to run there day to day operations without the heavy traffic a busy web site can generate.

Acool Net has the bandwidth to handle all your hosting needs from shared bandwidth to full 10 mbs Ethernet, 100 mbs Ethernet  and 1 Gbps Ethernet dedicated lines.

Our DataCenter is located in a world class Telecom Hotel where all the major backbones are.  We have the connections you need.

DDos protection is available on all products. Ask for pricing.
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Featured Items:
Basic Email - $2 ea - web based or pop3
Per Domain - $12 mo - web based or pop3
Vps Email server - $49.95 mo - web or pop3 - Admin panel included